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Đà Lạt

Đà Lạt is situated in the central highlands of south Vietnam. It is centered around a lake and golf course and surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. It has a temperate climate and so is known as the City of Eternal Springs. Đà Lạt was developed by the French in the early 1900s, […]

Ride day 9: Ride to Thành nhà Hồ to Xa Te

26 May 2016 An early Nha Nghi start to the day (out before 8.00 a.m.) and nipped up the street past the buzzing markets to a bakery we’d spotted the night before. The wood fired oven was in full fire and fresh bread rolls were pulled straight out and put in a bag for us. […]

Ride day 8: Ninh Binh to Thành nhà Hồ

25 May 2016 We started off from the hotel nice and early, planning to get a bite of breakfast somewhere on the road before heading up towards the Cuc Phuong national park. The weather however made our decision on where to stop for us. A sudden torrential shower started right as we were passing a […]

Ninh Binh

We arrived in Ninh Binh late in the afternoon after a long days riding. We rode around and set about finding ourselves a Nha Nghi – it really wasn’t too long before we found one fairly central with a very friendly manager (who wanted to buy our bikes!). After settling in we decided to roam […]

Ride day 7: Cat Ba to Ninh Binh

23 May 2016 An early start for the ride after three very relaxing and fun days in Cat Ba. After a quick breakfast in the hotel we packed up and headed off out of Cat Ba town and north towards the ferry. At this point we were fairly uncertain what sort of boat the “ferry” […]

Hurrah – Cat Ba!

Cat Ba is a lovely relaxing holiday spot that we’d visited last year. It’s a relatively small island and situated about four hours by car/ferry, east of Hanoi. There are several beautiful beaches that are pristine and have been very peaceful each time we’ve visited them. After four long days biking on the varied Vietnamese roads […]

Ride day 6: Phuong Cua Ong to Cat Ba

20 May 2016 As is becoming usual, we were out of our Nha Nghi just before 8.00 a.m. A quick ride down the ramp down the stairs before loading up the bikes for the day. With the bikes having now done over 1,000km, it was time to get the oil changed and chains tightened. We […]

Ride day 5: Thai Nguyen to Phuong Cua Ong

19 May 2016

Ride day 4: Viet Quang to Thai Nguyen

18 May 2016 A very broken nights sleep. Hot, broken air con (that turned itself off every 20 minutes), and exceptionally noisy. Note to self – don’t stay in a hotel that also advertises karaoke in the same building! Up and away early this morning, for the reasons mentioned above. A quick stop off to […]

Ride day 3: Sa Pa to Viet Quang (via Chinese boarder at Lao Cai)

17 May 2016 We were up nice and early for the days ride. A healthy final breakfast at the excellent Heart of Sa Pa hotel. Ha being the ultimate hostess and almost force feeding us food. Checked out, and made our way to load up the bikes, which had been stored in a local kindergarten […]

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