Vietnam Summary 2016

Below is a summary of our three months in Vietnam from May – July 2016 – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve included our best and worst parts, a few things we learnt and how much it all cost.   Vietnam 2016 Snapshot: Total days in Vietnam: 87 Days (May, June & July […]

Full ride days: Vietnam 2016

VIETNAM – The Full Route: The following links provide the exact routes we took as we biked around Vietnam on our 125cc Honda Wins in May, June and July 2016. The links include details and visual graphs detailing: Map of route Distance Speed/average speed Time Elevation / elevation gain Avg Temp Dates For specific details and commentary […]

Ride day 54: Pakse to Savannakhet

4 September 2016 We head down for an early last breakfast at the Pakse hotel, and then grab an hour in the computers to sort out visas and flights for next legs of the journey. Then, after packing our bags, we head down to load the bikes. Whilst we’re loading up, one of the ex […]


Pakse is situated in southern Laos at the confluence of the Mekong and Xe Don rivers and is the capital of the Champasak province. Allegedly it’s the second most populous city in Laos but it certainly has a very town- like feel to it. It’s not the prettiest town with little colonial architecture and so […]

Rise day 53: Don Det to Pakse

1 September 2016 Waking up on our last morning in 4,000 Islands, and we head down to grab a bite of breakfast in the guesthouse before packing up. It’s just a short ride through the very narrow streets to get us back to the ferry. Boarding this time is substantially easier, and after a quick bit […]

4000 Islands – Don Det & Don Khon

Sitting in the Mekong river in southernmost Laos lies a chain of islands named ‘4000 islands’. Don Det and Don Khon are two of the more popular islands in the chain with many tourists arriving for a secluded and relaxing break. Don Det and Don Khon are joined together by an old railway bridge which […]

Ride day 52: Stung Treng to Don Det (including Cambodia to Laos border crossing)

29 August 2016 So, it’s our last day in Cambodia and we’re up at the crack of dawn. After partially packing our bags we head to a local craft charity – Mekong Blue, where we spend half an hour watching the amazing skills of the weavers as they produce the most amazingly intricate pieces of […]

Ride day 51: Banlung to Stung Treng

28 August 2016 We head down to our last breakfast at the beautiful hotel restaurant overlooking the lake, before taking the bikes up to a local bike wash to clean off the mud from the previous day’s foray up the death road. With both bikes looking spangly clean, we get ready to ride back to […]


Banlung is the capital of Ratanakiri province, situated in north east Cambodia. The town is small but sees the traffic of neigbouring ethnic minority villages as they come to town to sell their wares at the large central market. A little out of Banlung sits the beautifully clear volcanic lake Yeak Laom which is over 4,000 year […]

Ride day 50: Sen Monorom to Banung

25 August 2016 It’s a sad morning saying goodbye to Mondulkiri after the amazing times with the elephants and hiking over the last couple of days. We pack up our stuff and carry it the long walk up the hill from cold water cabin ‘N’ to the main building at tree tops cabins. After a […]

Sen Monoron – Mondulkiri Project

The Mondulkiri Project is a community project, with monies raised being used to protect forests from logging for an elephant sanctuary and (soon to start) breeding program. The project also supports the local Bunong hill tribes with employment, medicine and food donations. Day 1 – Meeting the Elephants Our night in the log cabin was […]

Ride day 49: Kratie to Sen Monorom

22 August 2016 Last morning in Kratie and breakfast is downstairs at the guesthouse, where we get to watch the funny puppy dogs over the road running around causing trouble. After packing up the bikes it’s a quick petrol stop before riding out of town. The road out is bumpy, but nothing compared to the […]

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